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Ella and the Dinosaur

So you want to request a song?

You will need a Twitter account.

Just follow 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Think of someone or something that needs commemoration in song

  • Maybe you want a little song about yourself.
  • Perhaps you want to cheer someone up with a song about them for their birthday.
  • Do you have a favorite pet, whose greatness can only be expressed in song?
  • Have you written a tiny little poem that you've always wanted to turn into a song?*
  • Are you tired of your boring old ringtone?

The possibilities are endless!

Step 2

Write up everything you can about the subject in a tweet, along with the instruments you want to hear in the song from our instrument list and send it to @ellaanddinosaur. For space purposes you can just list the number next to the instrument.

If you're logged into twitter, you can actually tweet from our website now! Just follow the link over to our "Send a Tweet" page.


Example of a song request using twitter

Step 3

Once we finally get the song written, it will be posted on our band camp page where you can download it for free (you can also donate).

Make sure you follow us on Twitter so you can stay updated when we post songs.

And that's it! You have a song!

*Make sure you check out our disclaimer page

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